Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just for fun

It is almost two weeks since the last web design class. I really enjoyed the class. I learned a lot of useful information and I was able to apply it to my life. So even though nobody is going to grade my blog, I felt like checking in and writing down some of my thoughts. I took a little break from studying till September. Then I will be hitting it hard again. I took two classes this past time, and I am sorry I did that. Probably won't do that again. If anybody does read this blog, I will be surprised. Maybe I will check back in later if I have anything worthwhile to say.


  1. Lol! Well to your surprise I read it! Yeah I took off till September too, going to the beach and what not. Enjoy your time off and maybe I'll see you in some upcoming classes.

  2. Hey lady!!! Wassup - yea - I read your blog. I haven't blog since the last class. I am taking the Human Animal- yea - I jacked up my average by taking this class. Don't ever take it unless your interested in fossils. BORING. Anway girl - holla back at me!