Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Webnode - If only they had some on-line directions

Here is the website I built with Webnode. I started this at 6:30 this morning. It is now 1:37 pm. I could have shaved off about 3 hours if there were some directions. Blah, Blah, Cry me a river.

Now it all makes sense. It is all relative, if you know how to do it, then anything is easy. I will type out all the details after I get some refreshment.

Thinking back on Monday evening and my very "rocky road" experience with Frontpage. The evening started out a little bit shaky, but by 10:00 I was almost finished. I still need to add the additional links and tweak some of the cosmetic issues. Some of the columns aren't lining up exactly right. I made my logo a little bit different for Webnode, so I still need to replace that. I also need to get rid of a few of the duplicate pictures. For the most part, I was pretty satisfied with the way that Frontpage looked when I was finished. The Frontpage format worked well for me. I erased some prefab formats and put in some new tables. This is pretty easy to do with Front page. You can get rid of the unwanted stuff without much trouble.

Like I said earlier in my blog, I started playing with Webnode at about 6:30 am Wednesday morning. I signed up for an account, actually, I signed up for it late Tuesday night.
Anyway, as I started playing with WebNode, I was getting pretty discouraged. I could not find any instructions anywhere. I see now that there is a tutorial at the sign in screen. Sadly, I did not see that until after I had already figured out the program through trial and error. When I figured out how to upload pictures, and how to apply the templates then I started to get somewhere. The templates are nice, and you have a lot of different templates to choose from. They look very polished.

The top of the screen, the website name field is not easily edited. I have not been able to change font style, font size, or the color of the text. If anybody else has figured out how to change them, would you please let me know.

At first, I was wishing for the flexibility of the Frontpage, when I could not figure anything out, but when I started to make progress, I think I have a new favorite. Webnode is more polished looking overall, and it has more gadgets.

Features that are easier or better with Webnode.......
  • Previewing your webpage is easier with Webnode.
  • You can set up a slide show of your pictures with Webnode (not available with Frontpage)
  • I like the styling of the templates better
  • Webnode is free
  • You don't get the Active X script message every time you load the page
  • It has widgets and other cool add ons

Features that are easier or better with Frontpage.......

  • It is easier to change fonts, and headings at any location of the webpage
  • You can delete unwanted "stuff" easier
  • The links to the website are also displayed on the bottom of the page
  • Home is listed with the other links (With webnode the home button is available, just not at the same location.
  • I liked the styling of the tabs on the left - (a little fancier)
  • You can put a description with each picture that you upload (I could not figure out how to do this in Webnode.)

(Never mind, I just figured it out in Webnode. You can add a description under Image Properties.)

Some of these things may be different with other templates, and since I don't have a lot of experience with either Frontpage or Webnode, I can only speak based on my limited use with only a few of the layouts. I would rather use the layouts in Frontpage, or the layouts in Webnodes vs. creating everything from scratch. I can also see why some people choose to use Web generation programs without using templates. Templates are great for novices. However, a website expert may not want to be locked into their limitations.

Overall, I am pleased with the fact that I can in fact build a web site. Yaaaaay. Thanks Ms. Mislevy for your instruction and your patience.

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